Saturday, December 31, 2005

Finished Objects

It's been a productive year for this newbie knitter. Here's a tally of items knitted this year.

Gloves 2 pairs
Scarves 7
Headband 1
Kids Sweater 1
Adult Cardigan 1
Adult Sweater 1
Hats 5
Adult Tank 3
Kids Tank 3
Tea Cup 1
Poncho 1

Techniques learned:
- Knitting in the round
- Lace
- Cables
- 2 color knitting (see Orange Kidlet Tank)
- Knitting with DPNs and circular needles


Kim said...

The Knitting Pure and Simple pattern I'm using is pattern #9730 Child's Neckdown Pullover. :) Happy Knitting!

Lynda said...

Hi! wasn't sure where to write back to you, but, no, it's NEVER to late to join Count Your Socks! Send me your updated blog address if you have one and I'll get you added to the list!!